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Our obsession: understanding people today to shape the habits of tomorrow.

See your business from a new perspective

It takes thoughtful humans to understand your problems and goals.

Empathize with your customers

They tell us what they want. And we find out what they need.

Dive into Design Thinking

Together, we work as a team to create innovative digital products and services -- finding solutions at the intersection of desirability (UX/UI design), feasibility (technology), and viability (business model).

“ Design-driven businesses outperformed their peers by 228% over the course of 10 years. ”

Design Management Institute

Since 2002, 150+ partners have trusted our tailored design approach to re-imagine the future:

If you aim at taking enlightened decisions about the future of your products and services.

— Then, you’re in good company.

How to make daily transportation more enjoyable with METROLAB?
How to enhance
social aids support
through new digital
Vocal server, backup server, user rights, security connection, all this set up in 5 minutes, is it possible ?
— Yep!
Taking the school whiteboard into the future and seizing the opportunity to differentiate education.
Healthcare system is a fast-paced changing world. How will the roles of different health professionals change in the future?
No hassle, jump straight into a meeting with a tap.

A new digital meeting space by Arkadin.
An award-winning cockpit interface designed for THALES

How to monitor a major highway to secure a safe trip for thousands of vehicles and daily passengers?
Waiting for the bus differently.
Helping opticians find a good pair of glasses for their client.
How to satisfy both rookies and wizards from the print world?
A patent has been co-registered with XEROX for this interface.

Transformation can be everywhere:


Strategic Planning, Design Coaching, Business Model Innovation, Branding Strategy

Insightful research

User research, Field and Desk Research, User Journey Mapping, Usability Testing, Market Analysis

Digital product design

Strategy, UX, UI, Prototyping, Design Blueprints

Agile development

Full Stack Development, Sprint and Backlog Planning

Co-creating strategies and deliverables through our UX knowledge platform:

by Use Design

Truly innovative products do not come from a black box. It takes shared knowledge and transparency to transform businesses. We have imagined Caravel to allow us to involve your team in every project decision and adapt to your way of doing things.

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At Use Design, our goal is to make user experience and technology top business priorities. To make this happen, we are a team of passionate people that strike real-world problems while building amazing products/services. We won't stop looking for pirate thinkers, design hackers or any hybrid profiles in-between.

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